Monday, April 12, 2010

#102/365 9 Days with BP Meds. and *This* is What I Get?

Old woman that I am, I am simply compelled to discuss my declining health, complete with photos of my BP readings. ha

This AM, I showed up FIRST at the lab to have my fasting blood work: lipid panels, thyroid stuff (not a medical term), some other stuff (shrugs) and lastly, a ::ahem:: 'specimen' was collected.

Whee-ha. (rolls eyes--again)


eureka1951 said...

It takes longer than 9 days dear! LOL!!! You will get there. Just listen to your dr! Did your parents have high bp? If so it will be a lot harder to control. Getting older isn't easy but it beats the alternative!!

Dolores said...

Take your pills and listen to your doctor..... and maybe slow down a bit. Take care!!!