Saturday, February 27, 2010

#58/365 Signs of Spring

Aren't these the CUTEST rain boots ever! (squeal) I love them. They were at a consignment store for $8.00!!

A cute white purse the size of Texas. At $6.00, it was also a 'must have'.

Lastly, I present my first ever tankini. I love it. It was on clearance (who does that, at this time of year?). But it is a size GRANDE PLUS (no numbers here, people. not a fan of sizing numbers) and I am confused by that, since my last two pair of jeans are sized in the single digits.

Hmmmm...what gives? (shrugs)

Oh well, I cannot wait for Spring Break!!! The beach, seafood, relaxing, Krispy Kremes, grits, sunrises, sunsets, flip flops, more relaxing and exploring.


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eureka1951 said...

You REALLY like grits? I tried them for the first time yesteday and thought they were gross!! They came with my breakfast and I gave them to Steve. Hey, I tried 'em!!! New experiences for me this trip. LOL!!

Where are you heading for Spring Break?