Tuesday, February 23, 2010

#54/365 Location, Location, Location

Because we are part-hillbilly, my husband occasionally takes his empty pop cans and throws them in our yard. Yeah. I know.

Part hillbilly, remember?

Well, the last time he did that, I gave him a laugh and the "look" and then went to go pick up the can (it would have been in the grass (snow) on my side of the car.

Hmmmm. Whaaaaaa? I looked and looked, but no can was anywhere to be found.

A couple of days later, as I dragged the garbage can from the curb to the house, I happened to glance up at the roof of the house.

Do you see what I see? hehehehe

Well, at least it ain't in the yard. Next to the couch and recliner. ::snort::


Marjorie said...

lol LOVE it!

Dolores said...

which one of you threw it up there..... tee/hee...

Ohilda said...

Bahahahaha!!!! Umm...okay, so maybe we shouldn't be neighbors. LOL!