Saturday, February 20, 2010

#51/365 How NOT to choose a fine wine

A new hobby was just what I thought I wanted after the last kiddo left home for college. I know! Wine! It seemed like it might be fun to have a glass of wine now and then (something I never did while raising kids). So, I have been buying wine a bottle or so per month since June-ish. And I am amassing quite a little collection of pretty bottles.

"Pretty" being the operative word. I buy the wine, most often based upon the looks of the bottle and label. How silly and shallow. Makes me laugh to think about it. Because...

For our Valentine's Get Away last weekend, I purchased some of those teeny, cute little single-serving wine bottles. I did a mix and match and ended up with two merlots and two white zinfandel. I already knew that I liked the white zin, but felt like the deep, dark red of the merlot seemed very Valentine-esque. I was *sure* I'd love it.

Well, I would not find out because, I did not open a single teeny, cutesy, bottle of wine on our get away (which happens frequently). I go through the elaborate motions of buying wine, remembering to pack it, a corkscrew and my cool new travel wine glass and then, never drink a drop. ha Truth.

So, yesterday (Friday) I decided to kick off the weekend by sampling one of those cute little, single-serve merlot bottles. I poured it into my glass. I sat. I sighed. I sipped. I scowled.

I worked on that glass of merlot for over 2 hours before declaring defeat. I finally dumped the contents of the glass right down the drain. (shudders and gags)

Tonight (Saturday), I decided to see what else I had in my pretty bottle wine stash. Of the 10 bottles of wine I have on hand, 4 (count 'em!!, FOUR!!) are...MERLOT.

Ta da!!! I present to you, the previously unbeknown to me, but now, clearly despised wine from a hot place.


(The observant reader will notice that some of this wine is *years* old ::ahem:: Apparently, every three years, I feel the need to buy a bottle of merlot. Yeah. I have no idea what goes through my head sometimes).

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Dolores said...

Hi Terynn, thank you for checking in on me; we had one of Karen's children for the week, and I did my best to spoil her rotten.

My favorite flavor of wine is Chardonnay. I'm with you on the Merlot..... Yuck and double yuck.