Saturday, February 13, 2010

#44/365 Randoms from the Day

Please. Just because you're a weather geek, like my guy, does not mean he wants to hear from BO. Why would the weather company send this out? ugh

The very unposh, unromantic bathroom in our room. Feels soooo sterile, dorm-like, no, that's not quite it...maybe hospital-like? Well, perhaps, that because our floor used to BE a hospital. Yeah. Truth. Did not know this prior to booking. Googled it upon arrival.

What was the noise of the LIVE BAND down at street level? Who has an outdoor festival in the dead of winter? Brrrrrr....This answered our question.

But the ice sculptures *were* pretty cool. And in honor of Valentine's Day, I took a photo of my favorite. Awwwwhhhh.

Stam's Chocolatiers provided my sweet gift from the hubs. There were so many chocolates to choose from. Heavenly. The red ribbon rather resembles a garter, but I assure you, it is not. heh heh

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Kathy said...

Okay, all you need is a little 'table cloth' and a candle or two, a beverage, maybe a photo and you can transform that toilet into a tubside end table. It would be lovely. : )