Sunday, February 14, 2010

#45/365 A Lazy Valentine's Day--suh-weet!

We left the Kahler Grand about 10:30ish, after sleeping in. Heaven.

Then, we went for breakfast (yum) and we cruised the local mall (and did not buy one thing--self-control, yay us!)

Next, we began our leisurely drive home.

Just into Iowa, there is a town called Lime Springs. The original town, now called "Old Town", once had 150 houses and this mill.

It originally served as a flour mill, but later was a hydroelectric and feed mill. Not much left of Old Town, but the mill...

In the town of Lime Springs proper, was this interesting building, perhaps, the original town newspaper? It appears to be the local watering hole these days.

Now, if you ask me, nothing says, "God Loves Our Lady of Lourdes" like a miniature church and a chainsaw carved grizzly bear. LOL How random. The Our Lady of Lourdes church is the only thing in the town of Lourdes, Iowa, which doesn't even show up when googled (except on the topographic map).

The drive home from Rochester was slow and sweet and sunny and was a perfect end to Valentine's Weekend 2010. Since "quality time" is my love language, I had a great weekend.

Love that husband of mine. He is a keeper.

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