Tuesday, February 9, 2010

#40/365 Global Warming Day (formerly known as a Snow Day)

So much snow. So over it.

One of my pretty evergreens.

My dog, taking a long winter's nap, in my big chair.

Oh yeah, baby. We were going to eat here, in the Amanas, for lunch, but nooooo. Can you read the sign? "Closed due to weather". Boooo. This is IOWA. Who does that?

So we ended up at a Cici's Pizza Place. haha Neither Mark nor I had ever eaten at one, so we decided to try it.

Why, yes, that *is* my 5 pizza crusts on that plate. Why, *no*, that wasn't all I ate.

I also had two brownies, 4 cinnamon rolls and 1 pice of struessel. hahahah All the pieces, from the pizza to the dessert items, were small, but STILL. What a PIG. lol


Dolores said...

Your dog has the right idea, curl up in a comfortable chair!

Your snow pictures are so pretty, but I'm glad we don't have snow...

Cici's pizza.... Yum!

Ohilda said...

I think I'm the only human on earth that doesn't like Cici's Pizza. But I admit their sweet rolls are pretty amazing. The pizza? BLAH!