Sunday, February 7, 2010


This letter contains a birthday card...

for this little lady, who lives in Indonesia, whom I have never met, but nevertheless, love.

How could you NOT fall in love with this little face? I believe Yukke was 5 here. Smitten, I was.

Her is Yukke again (in the pink headband). Isn't she darling? She is a year or two older than in the original photo.

And this is the most recent photo I have received from my darling Yukke. I was shocked when I received this photo last year, so shocked I called Compassion International to inquire how I might check on Yukke's welfare.

They were helpful, but I have no certain assurance that she is alright, other than trusting her care to the Lord and to Compassion's expertise.

I have also called them after earthquakes and tsunamis to check on her village. Again, the staff were helpful and kind and thankfully, Yukke was not affected.

I hope to someday meet Yukke. The very fact that that is possible is the major reason I chose Compassion for child sponsorship. I wish I would have done this MUCH sooner. I hope to sponsor Yukke til she graduates.

And I get letters from Yukke!!! That is always a happy day at the mailbox. She draws me pictures and makes things for me and I have even wept, standing my the mailbox, as I traced over her drawing, imagining her little hand on the other side of the world, touching the same piece of paper, I now hold in mine.

Do you sponsor a child? Have you ever considered it?

My experience with Compassion has been stellar. I would highly recommend them as a great agency to work with. I was able to choose a child whose photo "spoke" to me. From a country I chose. The sign up process was easy. I have the payment deducted from my bank account every month. They send lined paper, with clear instructions and self-addressed envelopes to encourage easy correspondence with your child. A translator will translate and read the letter to the child and help them respond (if they are a pre-reader/writer).

Compassion sends me reminders about Yukke's birthday and again at Christmas time, where I can give an extra donation to make a memorable day for my little one. They allow you to write letters to your child on-line, too. I have not done that because I like to send stickers and bookmarks, etc., but I might try it.

I love this child. No, really. I do.

Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a child. Here is a link to Compassion International's website.

I hope to add the sponsorship of another child (I am praying about a second Compassion child or I have my eye on another agency in Vietnam, where I might be able to connect with a little one in a country Mark and I love).

So much more rewarding than another pizza takeout night. :D

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if she is trying to look grownup? Or if the sun was in her eyes? Or if she had a bad day? That's so hard to know or not know what the problem is! I'm so excited to sponsor Jessa--I even read the compassion site on how to visit your sponsor child......wouldn't that be so much fun, to go on the trip and meet your faraway child!