Saturday, February 6, 2010

#37/365 Progress?? Not in my book...UPDATED

See the uber-shiny black tile on the bottom near the (former) door?
The building used to be covered in those; the bottom was black and the top was tan.
Pretty nifty. Love the mirrored shine on the curvy cover above the doorway. too.
Can't recall what covered the post; certainly wasn't the brick you now see.
Anyone local recall?

See the diamond waaaay up on top of the sign? So cool.

The neon in the sign was a very visible red.

Like most downtown areas, the one my hometown is less than it used to be in its glory days. It is valiantly attempting a come-back and in some ways, it is succeeding. So, when hubby sent to downtown to the post office today, I was sad to see what has happened to this once glorious art-deco former jewelers.

It has been empty for almost all the years I have lived here, but I always hoped that someone would see the diamond in the rough, purchase it and restore it for some new purpose. Sadly, it appears that may not be the case.

UPDATED: Here is a photo from Newton's glory days. (sigh) Here is the link to the original.


eureka1951 said...

Cool!! Thanks for the memories!!! We bought our first engagement/wedding rings at Newton's almost 41 yrs ago!!!

Terynn said...

Wow. At this very Newton's? How cool is that? Then, I bet you wish they would save this building, too? It such a niftykeen building.

eureka1951 said...

Yes, this very one!! How bad is this? My two girlfriends and I went and looked at rings cuz I knew the "boyfriend" wanted to get them there. I had the sales lady hold one for me but when "boyfriend" and I went to get one I didn't even want to ask her to bring them out and we chose one together!! LOL!!

Terynn said...

Vicky, that is such a sweet story. I love it. Are there engagement photos floating around out there? I would love to see one?