Monday, February 1, 2010

#32/365 To Be Continued...

This is (or will be) the new home of our locally owned Japanese-style steakhouse. I love that it is locally owned and not a chain. We have enjoyed going to Tokyo's over the years, which was housed in a reclaimed Hardee's restaurant. And while the original Tokyo's was only a few miles from our home and the new one is about 20 minutes away, that won't matter and ... isn't it purty??

I thought FOR SURE CollegeGirl would want to go here for her 19th birthday, but it turns out she doesn't, which is good, since I hadn't realized (when I offered to take her here) that it's NOT OPEN YET. lol

I don't know where we will be dining on her birthday, (which is in 2 days), but I do know I will be remembering the sweet surprise of her birth and the joy of being her mom, no matter where we eat.

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