Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13/365 My Office on Wheels

Desk Drawer--office supplies, powder room

Phone/Computer Center, Mail Room, Water Cooler, Staff Lounge

Lunch Room, File Cabinet

Financial and Banking Center

Materials Room
Coat Closet
The portable, non-ergonomic, back breaking, arm-twisting, slush-sloshing, beast of burden, otherwise known as "the wheelie cart". Makes it sound so sunshine-y, eh? haha

*This*, ladies and gentlemen, explains why I still drive a minivan, even though my baby will turn 19 in 2 weeks.


beth gore said...

you are a complete riot! Beth

Dolores said...

I thought for sure when I read your title that I was going to see a big mess in your car. You are so organized!
I love your purse!

Terynn said...

Delores: Chaos *is* my life. Therefore, I avoid it wherever it can be avoided. :D