Friday, January 1, 2010

1/365 JAEDON!!

Remember Jaedon? Our little Joffrey Ballerina? Well, who do you suppose I saw while shopping the after Christmas clearance at the local TJ MAXX? Jaedon Macayla, Prima Ballerina, of course.

Isn't she lovely? I think she has grown taller and more lovely since I last saw her in August.

And don't mind me in my Robin Hood get up. All I'm missing is the cap with the feather in it. I dunno how these things happen. Something got lost in the translation between my head and reality. haha


Dolores said...

I see two beauties. Hey, I like the green outfit....cap or no cap.


Invisible Hands said...

I love the Peter Pan look on you. I think you are so inspiring I'm going to try to blog everyday too. Or at least once a week.