Thursday, January 14, 2010

Housekeeping Issue

Thanks for all the sweet comments, y'all!! I love, love, love reading them and in fact, they are motivation for me to continue to meet my goal of finishing the 365 Project with flying colors!!

When I read your comments, I often wish we were all in the same cozy room, laughing and talking about the things we are writing about.

So, please know that in order to comment/remark/reply back to you, I can do several things; which works best for y'all? Lemme know...

1). I can comment/answer questions here on the blog.

2). I can comment/answer questions in the comments section, using your names, so you can follow along.

3). I can talk to you in my head and you will all think I am a complete and certifiable LOON.

Any thoughts?? Let's be interactive. :D


eureka1951 said...

THINK you are a complete and certifiable loon?????

I love crazy!!!

Terynn said...

Vicky's vote? Talk to all of you within the confines of my own head. So noted. heh heh

The Greens said...

Address them in the blog. That way, we won't have to go check the comment section to see if you've replied. (:

I wish I were in your living room too!!! (:


Dolores said...

Yes, a person to person visit would be great, but on the other hand, who would have thought 10 years ago we could visit like this.

You brought up the subject that I always question..... how best do I respond to someone who leaves a comment on my blog, and especially if they don't have an e-mail attached to their blog.
My vote is... however you prefer....or be a loon...that's okay too.