Friday, January 22, 2010

#22/365 BMs

Little, cutesy teas for my work friend. I like to buy her little trinkets when I travel (these are from Colorado). I bagged them up a gave them to her today at our Big Meeting. Then, we got to share lunch together. I am blessed to have some awesome co-workers. They honestly become like family.

This is what a BM looks like. Carnage. I am not cut out for BMs. I need to move around. Too much sitting makes me claustrophobic.

One of my tablemate's lip gloss. She confessed to being (rather, she was "outed" by her co-workers who know her best) a lip gloss junkie. And, indeed she had an impressive assortment of glosses and sticks and the same Carmex I use.

The one above made me LLOL (literally laugh out loud), not just because of the PG-13 name, but because she described the warming, plumping virtues of the gloss. That really made me LLOL. I just wouldn't buy it, if I knew it was going to do so many tricks. That is toooo complex for me.

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