Saturday, January 9, 2010

9/365 What's Different?---UPDATED!!!


I will give props as the best guesser to Eureka1951, who said, "Well, I see fewer eyebrows...". Yes, boys and girls (I seriously doubt there are any boys here, unless my brother is here lurking, but he never comments, so there ya have it and now, where was I?)...there are fewer eyebrows in the second photo! whootwhoot

After gently declining my friend and former stylist, Kelley's, suggestions that I might like to *try* a brow waxing someday (she was probably PRAYING I'd let her do it, cuz you know them stylists can see things that need fixing that you can't, that's why they are the professional and you should listen to them), I allowed my new stylist (I only have a new stylist cuz Kelley married the man God brought to be her husband and is now living happily ever after in the Twin Cities, near the IKEA store--ha) to wax my brows (after she included a FREE coupon in my Christmas card this year--sly girl knows me, eh?).

And I must say, I kinda like the results. And I must say, I'd probably do it again.

I wonder if the results will last til next Christmas?? heh heh

Ignore, as P-Dub would say, my "raging 11's", please and let's play a game. :D

Can anyone spot the difference?


Invisible Hands said...

What in the world are "raging 11s"?
And I think you bought some Stiletto Mascara like Jillian wears. I'm probably wrong. But you will tell me the answer, right? Or I may not sleep a wink.

Anonymous said...

Well....the lighting is certainly different, the way your bangs are combed, your eyebrows and somehow it seems like your eyes are 'upsidedown' or something in the second picture. Can you do that with photo shop or something? Do tell. I hope I got at least one right.... : ) Kathy

Terynn said...

Sherri: The raging elevens is a quote (sort of) from Pioneer Woman's blog. Here is the quote...

About halfway down that blog post, there is the photo which explains the term. I really like P-Dub. :D She makes me laugh.

Terynn said...

Kathy: Good guesses and your are kinda close (sort of)...hehehehe

eureka1951 said...

Well.....I see fewer eyebrows and dare I say it? Less wrinkles in bottom photo? It's all in the lighting. You look adorable in both pics!

And thanks for the link! A great help!

Sherri said...

What you neglected to show is the REDNESS that lingers after the brow waxing. Man, that stings a bit.

Dolores said...

Beautiful eyes.... both pictures!