Friday, January 8, 2010

8/365 All Work And No Play? No Way!!

I had another snow day today and since we were intimately aware of the road condiitons from our midnight run to pick up the Daughter Unit at the CR airport, we decided that we would make a fun day out of Mark's work day.

We were going south of Iowa City to a town we had not heard of before. It was the tiny town of Keota.

Kind of a tired, old sign, huh? It was a bit of a tired, old town, with a surprising quasi-Southern antebellum home near the town's grain elevator. Weird.

Here is Mark's briefcase. His portable office on the road. I love watching my husband work with his elderly patients. He is so kind to them. So slow and patient. And they love him, too, even if it is the first time they are meeting. :D

Since we were in the neighborhood, we *had* to stop at the Kalona Cheese Factory. They work 24/7 (really!) making cheese for Kraft. You can see the process through windows designed for the public viewing.

They also have an adorable gift shop with all sorts of chocolate, sweets, sauces, syrups, scone and soup mixes, meat and cheeses (of course). My husband was really hoping for some locally-made Brie. He has been craving it ever since our NYE dinner, where he had an awesome Brie appetizer, but they were sold out. Boo!!

So, we got some pre-packaged Brie, a rum fruitcake for Mark's mom, some cheese curds (squeak-squeak), sesame stick snack mix and these Turkish delights-type of treats. Always makes me think of poor Edward...

Then, we had to cruise the mall. Every time we are in the Iowa City area, we have to visit the Eddie Bauer store. All of my husband's clothes come from there. Seriously. All. He got a great lavender dress shirt, one of those no wrinkle ones? Love. I got a clearance shirt from Old Navy.

^^^^^ Oh, that picture? That is my idea of a GREAT restroom. A place for everything and everything in its place. You can even strap your kid onto the wall. Suh-weet!!

It's NEVER too cold for Whitey's. As you can see, it is 4 degrees and dark outside. A cherry chocolate malt to share. Awwww....what a nice day.


Anonymous said...

This was the funnest day to see yet! Thanks for sharing your adventures with Mark.... Kathy

Invisible Hands said...

The good news is that your malt will not melt very quickly! No need to rush and get an ice cream headache.

bunnysmom said...

Love the Kalona Cheese factory, they have the best squeaky cheese! Sounds like a fun day!!

eureka1951 said...

You are a character! Pictures from the bathroom???? I love it you nut!!

Dolores said...

Awwww, this sounds like one of those wonderful days to remember, just doing something different.

Your husband sounds like a great guy! I always say that anyone who is kind to the elderly, animals and small children.....are good people!!

The cherry chocolate malt sounds so good.