Thursday, January 7, 2010

7/365 **S*N*O*W**D*A*Y**

Here is my man blowing snow from the sidewalk leading to our front door. He is also clearing a patch of grass for our beloved, Scout's personal potty use. :)

Mark's new toy, er, I mean, tool----a roof rake. How long was that thing? Reached from our garage door entryway, past both car and van and out the garage door. It took two of us to guide the thing out the door. ha

Aggggghhhhh!!! Is Freddie Krueger in my house???? Nah. It's another tool of the snow removal trade. The pic I took of Mark wearing the mask, will NOT upload no matter what I do. Huh. Maybe it's because it's just not flattering. IDK.

At the end of this cozy SNOW DAY, we hope to be able to welcome LittleGirl home with her beloved sour candy and Arizona Ice Tea. Prayers for safe travel.


Dolores said...

Looking through your window with the snow and the beautiful trees is really beautiful!! However, I'm feeling for your poor hubby .... and your puppy. Our spoiled brat... woops... dog, never wants to get her feet wet.

Looking at the snow makes me happy to live in south Texas.

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures you take of Mark from the warm side of the window doing stuff on the cold side of the window. Maybe he could snap one of you inside in your uniform watching him outside in his Freddy Kruger mask? : ) PS I now have an urge for sour candy, bad one, too. Kathy

Invisible Hands said...

I don't think we have those tools here in NC. Last winter when it snowed we watched in amusement as the new neighbor across the street furiously shoveled his drive. Nobody does that here. Snow melts or you stay home. It's that simple. LOL. But I'm glad you have what you need for Mark to do his job well.