Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6/365 Reminders

How blessed am I? I have nifty-keen friends who love me and possess skills that I do not and who share the work of their hands with me. This scarf was knitted with love by my friend, Kris. Thanks, Kris!! The girls at work all noticed it and complimented me on it. :D

Photos tucked into my visor remind me to pray for various people we love (and our marriage). When one drives east, into the sun on the way to work and then drives west, into the sun, on the way home 5 days a week, the visor gets lots of play.

When one has Swiss cheese for brains, one has to utilize creative solutions for remembering things...hypothetically speaking, of course.

Now, what was I saying??


Anonymous said...

Nice scarf! Nice pictures on the visor----do keep your eyes open and at least one hand on the wheel as you pray though.....please. Kathy

Dolores said...

Ok, ...... I thought the picture on your blog profile was a picture of you. tee/hee...
I love the picture of "you" in the mirror with the beautiful scarf.

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog, and especially for your thoughts and prayers!! Sometimes I worry that I'm boring people with all my photos, so I really appreciate what you said.

Terynn said...


hahahaa about my profile picture!!

That's Aunt Clara, whom I often identify with. (snicker)

Anonymous said...

I made the blog. how cool is that! Scarf looks good! :)

Anonymous said...

You know, as I recall and now that I look at the picture again, wasn't that made as a prayer shawl? That would be why its sooooo full around your neck. I'm pretty sure I made it as a prayer shawl. I have swiss cheesy brain too, but..........please know you don't have to wind all that fabric around your neck. I would be happy happy and pleased to make you an actual scarf where you don't have a shawl around your neck! :)
love me