Sunday, January 3, 2010

3/365 Last Day Of Vacay---waaaaahhhh

Mark installing the outdoor thermometer, at night, when it was below zero. Cuh-razy!!!

More errands in the alpine tundra. Panera for lunch (3rd time this week) and Target is the next stop. First time Mark and I have been alone in a bazillion years, er, days, er, minutes; sigh. Let's just say, it's been awhile.

Poor Walmart workers out in the cold. Poor me for shopping at the Walmart, in the cold. I was hoping to get my very own POW money shot today, but alas, I was too distracted. LOL

The first book I have wanted to read in a long time was a Christmas gift from my son. It is very interesting so far and I am excited that the book is already a bit dog-eared (the sign of a well-loved book; well, that and water-warped pages, from reading in the tub). Whoot!


eureka1951 said...

Four pictures?!?! I think you will have wished you saved some for another day come day 30!! LOL!!!

Took me awhile to figure out what POW meant!!

Invisible Hands said...

I have been wanting to read that book as well. Hope your entry back into the atmosphere of the real world goes well tomorrow! You are doing a great job with the blogging.

Anonymous said... are seriously exceeding the one per day rule now. ANd I am enjoying these glimpses of your life....and you have correctly discerned my identity, friend. DOn't have or can't remember my Google account so I just take the lazy way and click on anonymous.

eureka1951 said...

I love Anonymous!!!! And I miss "her" or "him". LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

You broke out the purse and you are drinking green tea! :) Fun! Creature of habit eh? I'm glad the purse is getting used!

Jen said...

I'm also reading "Three Cups of Tea." It's eye opening and refreshing, I look forward to reading it to the end.