Saturday, January 30, 2010

#30/365 A Day With Crumpson ***UPDATED

Here are Crumpa and Crumpson at the tennis club. Little man has been taking some beginner tennis lessons for a few months. There are maybe 15-10 children there and two teachers. It is cccccold in there.

Crumpa quizzing Crumpson about the names of the various lines on the tennis court. He didn't do very well, but really, when you're 6, how important are these things? lol

Mom had to work, so we had Crumpson overnight. It was the first time that he had stayed with us overnight, without mom. Here he is at Best Buy, pretending to be a DJ.

And here he is at the Beatles Rock Band display. He had a whooole lotta intensity and not much skill. :D

The rest of the night consisted of watching "Bolt" and eating ice cream he chose at the store. It's good to be 6.

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