Thursday, January 28, 2010

#28/365 Is This Cheating? Nah.

My brother, Russell and Alannah on their first morning in Bangkok, Thailand. Yum.

Russell and Alannah on the elevated train in Bangkok. Don't they both look fresh and happy?? The astute observer will notice my brother is wearing the same shirt in both photos (and that my girl is not). I think my bro only had two (three?--max) shirts for the three week trip. ha That's my spartan, minimalist brother. Love him.

Alannah at sunset on a ferry cruise. Such and Such? Wat in the background (I can go and look it up from their photo site later). Gorgeous.

Russell (being the good Uncle he is) knew I would love to see all these photos of my girl, seeing such amazing sights. He was right. But it was weird that I wasn't in ANY of them. :D

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