Saturday, January 2, 2010

2/365 Baby, it's Cccccold Outside!

Ahhhh, yes. Just another day in Paradise here in the Midwest. That is the actual air temperature, as recorded on the thermometer of my stylin' minivan. The wind chill was 31 below and I was on my way to ...... get gas, of course! ugh *That* was fun! ha

Here is my "Ice Cold Conservative", playing a joke on his mom. She had come over to have lunch. Mark made roast and all the fixin's for his oldest son and daughter-in-law, who were in town for the extended weekend. Mom made a cake for Brian; his favorite, an angel food with chocolate frosting. Hey. No judging. LOL

Mom kept making a rather big deal out of the fact that we needed to cut the cake with an electric knife. I assured her we had one. Mark assured her we had one and would, indeed, use it. As I cleaned off the table in preparation for dessert, I found Mark in the kitchen rigging this up....a AA battery, rubber-banded to a bread knife. Voila! An electric knife. Mom was mildly amused. :D


Holly said...

Must move SOUTHWARD girl!!

eureka1951 said...

It was 19 below at my place today. You must have slept in a bit. Love this blog!!! Looking forward to what your next picture is. Wish I had more of an imagination so I could blog. LOL!!!

Invisible Hands said...

Cold here in the South too. At least we have cold, rarely any other interesting weather. I love your new blog design.

Dolores said...

Our weather here in south Texas was in the 50's. I'm trying to imagine -9..... NO.... that's too cold for me. I'll stay here... thank you!

Your "Ice cold Conservative" is just too cute...... the cake sounds delicious!

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Fun...but hey, I thought you said 'one' picture a day and clearly you have posted 'two'. So will we get 'three' on the third day, four on the fourth, etc.? Or will you say, "I've only posted for 4 of the last ten days but since I posted a total of 12 pictures I'm still two days ahead." ? Just wondering... : )

Terynn said...

Hey Anonymous: Is that you, Kathy? lol

Even if you are *not* Kathy, I will answer by saying that the minimum I will try to do is 1 photo per day. That allows me to be a real deal 365 Project participant.

The other pics are just a bonus. :D

eureka1951 said...

Eagerly awaiting today's picture!