Saturday, January 23, 2010

#23/365 Saturday Fun

Today, we took Caleb to the local Children's Museum, where they were having an Astronaut Party. It was a great rainy day (number 675 quadrillion in a row--ugh) activity. Here I am amusing myself, as I often do, with random and odd things, like taking a picture of my upside down reflection.

This young woman is dressed up like Christa MacCauliffe (spelling?). She gave a short (though too long for Caleb's taste) presentation. Upon seeing her get-up, Mark immediately leaned over to me and whispered, "She's wearing a cone of shame". It was all I could do to contain my giggles. Love that man. :)

Caleb shooting his "rocket" straw craft thingy with the other littles, who were all glad to be out of the house on this rainy day, the 675th quadrillion consecutive day of rain we've had. Not that I'm counting or bitter or anything.

Then, I went to a late lunch with CollegeGirl. We ate girl food, like soup and salad and had dessert, too. This was my delicious confection. CollegeGirl had a matching one in lemon poppyseed. Nummmm....

Then, we looked at all her pictures from her trip to Thailand and Cambodia. They were magical and fun, though I gotta admit it was surreal to see photos of my brother, sis in law and daughter together with no sign of ME! lol Weird.

Her roomie (or former roomie) came, quite by accident and sat with us and visited for quite some time. I have known Katelyn since she and Alannah were in first grade, so it is always nice to see the two of them giggling together. Except for poor Katelyn is pretty sick with what her dr. assumed is strep, so next week, when Lulu and I are under the weather, we will know exactly where the lovin' came from. :)

Lastly, I ran the daughter unit through the Walgreen's to get a heating pad...just what every CollegeGirl needs. The other two things she threw in the cart? A can of roasted/salted almonds and a 24 pack of Lik-M-Aid. Ooooookay.

Then, I took her back to her car, hugged and kissed her. I watched her get into her car and drive away...which is a feeling and sensation that is still confusing and weird and a teensy bit painful to me. After all, it's only been 6 months...

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