Thursday, January 21, 2010

#20/365 CollegeBoy

To me, one of the most fulfilling things about raising a child is having a front row seat, as they grow into the talents God has placed in each of them. Sometimes, I could see their gifts before they could. Sometimes, I could not believe the things they wanted to try, since I could see no evidence of talent in such an area.

Consider the time my son BEGGED to take saxophone lessons, in order to join the school band. Huh? I relented, but it didn't last (no surprise). ::snort::

But, when he asked to attend a week long basketball camp, at the University of Iowa, the summer before his freshman year of high school, I was happy to send him, (he was a tall, gangley boy, by that point). Imagine my shock, when he refused to play even one year of basketball, instead declaring he was going to wrestle all 4 years. Whaaaaaat? Turns out he was a good wrestler and furthermore, turns out I really enjoyed cheering him on. Who knew?

After graduation, Jared chose a college at which he could play football. He looooves football. Always has. So, his small, private school offered to let him play and off he went. I'm not sure he fully understood that there was a 'school' component to college. lol He surely did not have a clear idea about what he wanted to be; "something in business" was as specific as it he could be.

So, imagine my surprise when, in his junior year, my CollegeBoy began to take "Comm. Arts classes". I didn't even know what those were (lol), but I have since learned that they encompass photography, graphic design and advertising/marketing.

And what do you know? CollegeBoy is enjoying these classes!! How exciting to think that he has found "something in business" he could happily do! I enjoy listening to him and I think (secretly) he enjoys sharing his projects with me.

Here are a few recent samples of his work.

His professor did not have nice things to say about this photo. Not original, I believe he reported she said. I like it because we spend quite a bit of time on this field in the fall and CollegeBoy lived in the dorm you can see in the background. Seems the prof. and I are looking at different things. haha

A CD case jacket he made for a school project. I like this. I think the professor agreed with me this time. :)

This project was to design a postage stamp. CollegeBoy had to walk me through this one; although I liked the design immediately, I was not following all the symbolism. First of all, my boy has loved Michael Jordan almost his whole life. He has also loved shoes his whole life. That's right, *shoes*. Weird, huh? But, it is what it is. (chuckles)

So, the caption on the stamp reads, "The Greatest Player. The Greatest Shoe. Michael Jordan". And when I pointed out that the last time a stamp cost 23 cents was YEARS ago, he said, "Mom. Michael Jordan's number was 23".


Sometimes, the kid teaches the parent. ha

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Invisible Hands said...

Very cool stamp design. Even more meaningful with your explanation.