Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12/365 Happy Birthday, Mom/Virginia Grandma/Great-Grandma

Mark and his mom had a Birthday Dinner at the "compound", as he affectionately refers to the retirement village she lives in. They had a good meal and some entertainment, too. Female sextet made up of septo-and octogenarians, anyone. For real. :)

Then, we all met for dessert...and by "all", I mean, Mark, his Mom, Jared and I. Adult children (grandchildren) tend to have lives, lived in far away places.

We had a great time, eating and laughing and giving gifts and cards.

Jared loves to tease his Grandma (and Mom and Mark and his sister and...well, you get the idea). It says, "Happy 21st Birthday! Or 39th? Either way, Mark is older and it will never make sense. Love you, Jared."

He also presented his Grandma with a thank you card for his Christmas present and his birthday present (from October). Better late than never?

That boy can surely make me laugh. (shakes head, rolls eyes and sighs)


Dolores said...

What a happy picture!! I betcha grandma loved the celebration. Jared is a very handsome young man.
Thank you notes are always nice to receive. I opened our mailbox today to find thank you notes from all of Karen's children, for the Christmas presents. It sure made me smile!

Kathy said...

Okay, I know the 'Garden Song' and it transported me back a decade and a half or so. Thanks for the ride! Lovely pic of J and Grandma..... : )

Terynn said...


A decade and a half?? Girlfriend, you are seriously silly. That song is about 3 decades old. hahahaha

Terynn said...


Actually, I think even though we kept Grandma out past her curfew, she did, indeed, have a great time. I know we did. It it very satisfying to watch children become adults.

I love that you had a mailbox full of cards from your grande grands. Such beautiful children, one and all, tall to small.