Sunday, January 10, 2010

10/365 Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes...

I have been aware that heart disease runs in my family since I was 9 years old. That is the year my only grandparent, my grandmother, passed away instantly, from a massive heart attack at age 60.

All my family members on my father's side have/had heart disease. My father had three heart attacks in his 40's and now has an implanted defibrillator. My cholesterol is high. Has been since my 20's. My brother has the same high cholesterol problem I do and he is a vegetarian and an athlete. This is truly genetic, not merely lifestyle.

I have tried statins in the past, with amazing results. But after a time, I begin to think my fibro is having some terrible flare up, since I hurt all over and feel flu-like for days on end.

Then, I remember the statin. And its side effect. My physician has said in the past, that I may be able to take the statin on a less frequent basis (than daily) and achieve the same effect, while bypassing the side effect. We'll see.

Have I ever purchased a cookbook before? Yes, smarty pants. I have. For fund raisers. Or for gifts. For other people. haha

No, seriously, I did buy a cookbook at the start of the school year. It is a lo-cal sweets and treats cookbook that I thought I might use to make things for the ladies at work. I opened it. I read it. I copied down a recipe and went to the store to shop for ingredients. As I mentally tallied the cost of the items in my cart, I quickly became discouraged...ugh.

Many dollars would be spent to make something lo-cal, that I wasn't sure would taste good and what the hey was I supposed to do with the rest of the bag of mini-marshmallows, after I used the quarter cup needed for the recipe. I already knew *that* would end badly, with me, mindlessly seeking the carb crash I sometimes employ when I cannot sleep. I tossed the contents of the cart back on the shelves and left, defeated.

I have been reading Pioneer Woman's blog for about a year. Love her. Love her photos. Love her humor. Love that she home schools. Love her writing. Love her life. I always avoided the recipes and cooking section of her blog, as I do not cook. But, I listened when people talked. And they spoke with great warmth about PW's recipes; the comfort food, the step by step photos, no fancy-schmancy terms and techniques.

So, I bought it. PW's Cookbook. And it arrived. Anddddd, I have chosen 2 recipes. Yes. Just 2. Because I am a chicken. No, neither recipe *is* chicken. One is a sandwich and one is a dessert. No need to bite off more than I can chew. And just so ya know? I break out into hives every time I think about actually trying either recipe. (shudders). Wish me luck. Nah. *Pray* for me.

What am I doing the third week of June 2010?

I *think* I may be attending a week long conference on....breast-feeding. I *think* I might be putting a toe in the water (so to speak), to possibly try a new professional direction (lactation consulting). I *think* at the end of the week long training, I can take a test to become certified as a lactation counselor (not the same thing as a lactation consultant, but gets me closer to meeting those requirements).

I need to check my calendar at work (I work year round, since I serve babies). I need to make certain my husband is on board. I need to write a check and complete a registration form. I need to STOP waffling and JUMP.

Applause and wild cheering, please?


Invisible Hands said...

Oh, I have so much to say about your post! Are you ready???

First of all, I have struggled with high tryclicerides and cholesterol for several years. It's genetic here too, though lifestyle changes might improve it. I've been taking Lipator for a long time, but I sure feel bad sometimes. Then I feel better. Never really sick, but..... I might want to talk to you more about this.

I think it's hilarious that you considered the rest of the bag of marshmallows. You are such a deep thinker. It would never have occurred to me.

Finally, I think you would be a wonderful lactation consultant! I'm so glad this is a real position and occupation these days. I used two LCs when Jillian was born 12 weeks early. They were so important to me. Keep me posted.

Sherri said...

I think it's wonderful that you are moving in the direction of lactation counselor. After giving birth to my first (22 years ago), I don't think I would have kept at breastfeeding without the encouragement of my lc and my sister in law.

I have heart disease in my family, too. blah. My dad's side has the heart disease. Mom's side doesn't. I have the cholesterol issues, and my sister inherited all the good genes. I always knew they liked her best......

eureka1951 said...

I can't tell you how many friends of mine have high cholesterol/tryglicerides, etc. My cholesterol was only 183 but my LDL was 135 and I ended up with a stent. That was my ONLY bad number! Now I have to have it under 70 cuz of the stent. I'm still in cardiac rehab for 3 more weeks. Can't wait to see what new numbers are when I'm done. Plus I'm on a statin too.

Tara Thomas is interviewing me on the 25th. It's heart month in Feb so not sure what it will all be about. I think some will be that I just wanted to make sure my shortness of breath was because of my sarcoid and wasn't cuz of my heart. Well, it was my heart! 85% blockage in one artery. I just know we gotta be more vigilant about our health!!!

I want us to be around a long time T so you take care of yourself!! You still have 355 days to do this blog let alone everything else you wanna do. LOL!!

. said...

One of my dear (IRL) friends is a LC. Works in the hospital. You'll do great at whatever you try ... you're cream ... you rise to the top!

And speaking of cream - Can't tell you about the high chol. our family genetics put our HDL in the waaaay toooo low category (also not good but different solutions).

beth gore said...

oh ... and that last comment was from me. Apparently I'm signed in as "."

BETH GORE hee hee

Kathy said...

Applause, wild applause, whistling, more applause and cheering, deafening cheering. Oh! My hands ears are ringing.


Your dear clueless friend Kathy, in spite of knowing the heart history in your family, had never had it occur to her that you (and Russ) might also be having less than ideal LDL/HDL ratios going. Now I say a big ole, "Duh....." I tell you, I just am not a good dot connector. Glad you are following your numbers and working with a doc. to find a workable treatment strategy. Glad you are closer to moving forward to the LC thing.... Glad you have a new cookbook! and two recipes picked out! The hives I'm not too excited about, but oh well..... XO

Anonymous said...

You will be great working with women, hormones and their boobs. :) I think it will smashingly! yeah!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! love, kris

Jen said...

I also struggle with my triglycerides, I'm genetically predisposed and have high ones already at 28. So, I hear you.

I do the Wii Fit and try to not eat much fat. No Lipator for me, too young.

I'm thrilled that you are considering becoming a lactation specialist! I very much want to see one while I'm preggo!