Sunday, January 31, 2010

#31/365 2 Thoughts...

2 Thoughts:

1). Eeeyew! Oddly enough, that looks like HAIR coming outta my (otherwise) yummy granola bar (a morning dietary staple of mine). Surely, it is NOT hair....but, what is it?

2). What a cool picture! Love the lighting and the focus and I didn't even try. It just happened with the trusty purse cam, point and shoot.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

#30/365 A Day With Crumpson ***UPDATED

Here are Crumpa and Crumpson at the tennis club. Little man has been taking some beginner tennis lessons for a few months. There are maybe 15-10 children there and two teachers. It is cccccold in there.

Crumpa quizzing Crumpson about the names of the various lines on the tennis court. He didn't do very well, but really, when you're 6, how important are these things? lol

Mom had to work, so we had Crumpson overnight. It was the first time that he had stayed with us overnight, without mom. Here he is at Best Buy, pretending to be a DJ.

And here he is at the Beatles Rock Band display. He had a whooole lotta intensity and not much skill. :D

The rest of the night consisted of watching "Bolt" and eating ice cream he chose at the store. It's good to be 6.

Friday, January 29, 2010

#29/365 Girl's Night Out

Artsy and BEFORE we drank one drop.

Better focus, but it's lost some of the edgey, artsy feel, huh?

Dinner out with some awesome ladies meant an evening without my sweats, big chair and "Criminal Minds". Was it worth it?


Thursday, January 28, 2010

#28/365 Is This Cheating? Nah.

My brother, Russell and Alannah on their first morning in Bangkok, Thailand. Yum.

Russell and Alannah on the elevated train in Bangkok. Don't they both look fresh and happy?? The astute observer will notice my brother is wearing the same shirt in both photos (and that my girl is not). I think my bro only had two (three?--max) shirts for the three week trip. ha That's my spartan, minimalist brother. Love him.

Alannah at sunset on a ferry cruise. Such and Such? Wat in the background (I can go and look it up from their photo site later). Gorgeous.

Russell (being the good Uncle he is) knew I would love to see all these photos of my girl, seeing such amazing sights. He was right. But it was weird that I wasn't in ANY of them. :D

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

#26/365 Let there be Light!

I bought this bulb last Christmas (read: one year ago this past Christmas) and put it in the lamp next to my big ole chair. It just burned out this AM. Since the lamp is rarely, if ever, turned off, I am certainly pleased with how long the bulb lasted.

So, did it work? Did it elevate my mood? Was I somehow protected against the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder? ::coughcough:: Have you READ my winter-weather-related posts? Whaddayou think? hahahaha

This is what my new "paperwork" looks like. Almost every thing we do in IEP land is now on the world wide web. So, we wade through screen, after endless screen, of virtual paper, completing forms, filling in blanks.

Before you can complete the virtual packet of information (which is as long as the one you plod through at a mortgage signing--ugh), all the lights must be green. Green as in "go", I guess. If you get a yellow light, there are errors on the page. A red light means that no information has been entered onto the page.

I am about as invested in this paperwork process, as I was the last one (pre-www). I do papers because I have to. They are required by law. I understand *why* they are required by law. I really do. And I honor that.

And as a parent I understand that your child's life is, in some ways, represented by these papers. I mean, I still have report cards galore, parent/teacher conference summaries, etc. from all the years my children were in school. So, the papers are a necessary part of the job I do, but it is fo' sho my least favorite part of the job. And they take HOURS. Literally.

So, this afternoon from 1:30 to 4:30 (give or take 30 minutes or so for emails, calls, etc.) I worked on one child's packet. I wouldn't let myself leave for a restroom break until pages A-G were green (sick, huh?) and then, I wouldn't let myself leave until the rest were (30 minutes after my usual quittn' time). Then, I seriously did a happy dance and squealed like a girl (well, I *am* a girl, after all) when ALL THE LIGHTS TURNED GREEN!!!

It is hard to see in the photo (note to self and others---I really don't care for the quality of my camera's photos, but I am too chicken to upgrade, since I fear I wouldn't be able to figure out the intricacies of the new, cool cameras), but see there, just above the cars? It's a cool sundog!! I love those things, especially because it means.....the SUN WAS OUT TODAY!!! :D

Monday, January 25, 2010

#25/365 I'd Like to Thump Algore's Global-Warming Melon

My commute home happened three hours earlier than expected today for some strange reason.

I mean, there I was, working away when the secretary said, "Ladies, we are dismissing at 1:00 today".

What's up with that?

OK. I'll go home early. No biggie. (shrugs)

Was it a boiler problem?

An in-service day for teachers?


Huh. So. Weird.

Well, no need to hurry home. I guess I'll just drive 37 miles per hour on this 4 lane, divided 65 mph speed limit highway.

I'll be sure and ask our secretary tomorrow about that early dismissal.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

#24/365 Here Comes The Sun--sort of

Wait? Is that the sun? Maybe...??

I can see it! Come on, Sun! Break through those clouds!! You are so close!!

Ugh. Never mind. Went back to bed (still had my jammies on) and took a heavenly nap.

Yes, the bed is made. That is the ONLY way to take a proper nap. 5 pillows, a Temper pedic mattress and my new throw? Sabbath Rest Perfection.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

#23/365 Saturday Fun

Today, we took Caleb to the local Children's Museum, where they were having an Astronaut Party. It was a great rainy day (number 675 quadrillion in a row--ugh) activity. Here I am amusing myself, as I often do, with random and odd things, like taking a picture of my upside down reflection.

This young woman is dressed up like Christa MacCauliffe (spelling?). She gave a short (though too long for Caleb's taste) presentation. Upon seeing her get-up, Mark immediately leaned over to me and whispered, "She's wearing a cone of shame". It was all I could do to contain my giggles. Love that man. :)

Caleb shooting his "rocket" straw craft thingy with the other littles, who were all glad to be out of the house on this rainy day, the 675th quadrillion consecutive day of rain we've had. Not that I'm counting or bitter or anything.

Then, I went to a late lunch with CollegeGirl. We ate girl food, like soup and salad and had dessert, too. This was my delicious confection. CollegeGirl had a matching one in lemon poppyseed. Nummmm....

Then, we looked at all her pictures from her trip to Thailand and Cambodia. They were magical and fun, though I gotta admit it was surreal to see photos of my brother, sis in law and daughter together with no sign of ME! lol Weird.

Her roomie (or former roomie) came, quite by accident and sat with us and visited for quite some time. I have known Katelyn since she and Alannah were in first grade, so it is always nice to see the two of them giggling together. Except for poor Katelyn is pretty sick with what her dr. assumed is strep, so next week, when Lulu and I are under the weather, we will know exactly where the lovin' came from. :)

Lastly, I ran the daughter unit through the Walgreen's to get a heating pad...just what every CollegeGirl needs. The other two things she threw in the cart? A can of roasted/salted almonds and a 24 pack of Lik-M-Aid. Ooooookay.

Then, I took her back to her car, hugged and kissed her. I watched her get into her car and drive away...which is a feeling and sensation that is still confusing and weird and a teensy bit painful to me. After all, it's only been 6 months...

Friday, January 22, 2010

#22/365 BMs

Little, cutesy teas for my work friend. I like to buy her little trinkets when I travel (these are from Colorado). I bagged them up a gave them to her today at our Big Meeting. Then, we got to share lunch together. I am blessed to have some awesome co-workers. They honestly become like family.

This is what a BM looks like. Carnage. I am not cut out for BMs. I need to move around. Too much sitting makes me claustrophobic.

One of my tablemate's lip gloss. She confessed to being (rather, she was "outed" by her co-workers who know her best) a lip gloss junkie. And, indeed she had an impressive assortment of glosses and sticks and the same Carmex I use.

The one above made me LLOL (literally laugh out loud), not just because of the PG-13 name, but because she described the warming, plumping virtues of the gloss. That really made me LLOL. I just wouldn't buy it, if I knew it was going to do so many tricks. That is toooo complex for me.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

#21/365 Tree-Hugger

The most liberal thing I've ever done. hahaha

(Mark took this last week. sigh It was just one week ago, we were packing to leave for our 4 day jaunt to the mountains).

#20/365 CollegeBoy

To me, one of the most fulfilling things about raising a child is having a front row seat, as they grow into the talents God has placed in each of them. Sometimes, I could see their gifts before they could. Sometimes, I could not believe the things they wanted to try, since I could see no evidence of talent in such an area.

Consider the time my son BEGGED to take saxophone lessons, in order to join the school band. Huh? I relented, but it didn't last (no surprise). ::snort::

But, when he asked to attend a week long basketball camp, at the University of Iowa, the summer before his freshman year of high school, I was happy to send him, (he was a tall, gangley boy, by that point). Imagine my shock, when he refused to play even one year of basketball, instead declaring he was going to wrestle all 4 years. Whaaaaaat? Turns out he was a good wrestler and furthermore, turns out I really enjoyed cheering him on. Who knew?

After graduation, Jared chose a college at which he could play football. He looooves football. Always has. So, his small, private school offered to let him play and off he went. I'm not sure he fully understood that there was a 'school' component to college. lol He surely did not have a clear idea about what he wanted to be; "something in business" was as specific as it he could be.

So, imagine my surprise when, in his junior year, my CollegeBoy began to take "Comm. Arts classes". I didn't even know what those were (lol), but I have since learned that they encompass photography, graphic design and advertising/marketing.

And what do you know? CollegeBoy is enjoying these classes!! How exciting to think that he has found "something in business" he could happily do! I enjoy listening to him and I think (secretly) he enjoys sharing his projects with me.

Here are a few recent samples of his work.

His professor did not have nice things to say about this photo. Not original, I believe he reported she said. I like it because we spend quite a bit of time on this field in the fall and CollegeBoy lived in the dorm you can see in the background. Seems the prof. and I are looking at different things. haha

A CD case jacket he made for a school project. I like this. I think the professor agreed with me this time. :)

This project was to design a postage stamp. CollegeBoy had to walk me through this one; although I liked the design immediately, I was not following all the symbolism. First of all, my boy has loved Michael Jordan almost his whole life. He has also loved shoes his whole life. That's right, *shoes*. Weird, huh? But, it is what it is. (chuckles)

So, the caption on the stamp reads, "The Greatest Player. The Greatest Shoe. Michael Jordan". And when I pointed out that the last time a stamp cost 23 cents was YEARS ago, he said, "Mom. Michael Jordan's number was 23".


Sometimes, the kid teaches the parent. ha

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

19/365 Pretty Pizza Politics

This is what we woke up to this AM (after finding out that all 5 school districts I serve were having a 2 hour late start, due to the FOG!!).

Pretty, pretty trees.

What? Tonight's election in Massachusetts was worthy of pizza and a beer, like any exciting sports event. We are so thankful for the man elected to the "People's Seat".

Gas Up the Truck and Seat Him Now!

Too Tied to caption phoos...

Rain check?

Monday, January 18, 2010

18/365 Homeward Bound

Colorado in my rearview is a sad sight indeed.

Tries my first cappuccino...

And this is what I thought. Stickysweet like maple syrup which, was even wweider thane could imagine.

Heyyy...anyone remember Stuckey's??

Sunny Nebraska.