Saturday, December 5, 2009

State Dance 2010

Let's pretend this picture is right side up, k?

My Girl made the 2010 program. She is in the orange dress on the floor.

Nice hardware this year. Coach Morgan is in the front with the trophy. The team was awarded 3rd place in Pom, 5th place in hip hop, a Division 1 rating in jazz, the Community Service Award and a Team Academic Award. Whoot Whoot!!

Some alumni with the Horan girls. Brittany (and her mom), Alannah (and her mom), Emily and Sarah came to show their support and share in the excitement.

Alannah and her Allie. They are dancers, co-workers and dear friends. :)

Even with my severe jet lag (made severe by my dd awakening me with a 4:34 am text message: "Wanna go to State Dance with me?"---she had just finished a paper and was awake, duh! that's why she texted me then--lol), it was worth the trip.

We did not get home til 2:00 am and I did not settle into bed til 3:00 am. by then, I had been awake for 23 hours (on top of the jet lag, remember?). But, man oh man! Did the Dance Team rock it this year!

3rd place in Pom, 5th place in Hip Hop, Division 1 rating in Jazz, The Community Service Award and a Team Academic award. That's a whole lotta hardware and accolades.

This was my first year to attend the competition without having a dancer on the team and it was every bit as exciting. Why? Because we have come to care for all of these girls, as though they are our own. And their coach? We love her, too. Heck, we even love the Coach's mom!!

These girls are sweet, funny, smart, talented, caring and now, they have PROOF. I didn't really need it. They didn't, either. But, I am glad they have it. :)


Ohilda said...

Your girl (and the others) TRULY rock!!!! You have mucho to be proud of!

CC said...

Hurray and great job!!