Sunday, November 1, 2009

Alarming on so many levels

Plastic Surgeon Weds Woman for 'Potential,' Performs 8 Surgeries on Wife

Sunday, November 01, 2009

A British plastic surgeon chose a young woman as his bride and then sculpted her into his ideal wife, according to The Sun.

Reza Vossough hated 33-year-old Cany's body, but they tied the knot anyway after he spotted her "potential," The Sun reported.

Vossough then performed eight operations to change his bride's chest, thighs, eyes and face.

Vossough spent five years pumping 1,600 grams of silicone into her body, boosting her size A chest to a fuller F cup.

He also enhanced her lips, lifted her eyelids and de-creased her forehead.

The former waitress also had nip-and-tuck ops to her behind, tummy and thighs and countless Botox injections.

Only after $29,736 of cosmetic surgery did Vossough, 48, fall in love with his wife.

And his wife is thrilled with the transformation. "When your husband is a plastic surgeon, then the scalpel is your friend," Cany told The Sun.

(Bold highlights are mine).

What the hey is wrong with this picture? I do not care one whit if a woman wishes to seek out a plastic surgeon for a procedure that she feels she wants. Really. I am glad that so many procedures are available to enhance or repair bodies.

But when your husband is not in love with you when he marries you, instead viewing you as some sort of "project", well, ummmm...I find that disturbing. And sad.

Because bodies decay. Period. Over time, the body of this man's wife, will settle, the inevitable victim of gravity. So, has this poor woman signed herself on for a lifetime of this nonsense? As her plastic surgeon husband, struggles to keep her at his ideal? With her viewing the scalpel as "your friend"? Eeeeyew.

What about her heart? Her mind? Her hopes and dreams? Her aspirations? What about the things that make her "her"?

What about it?

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