Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In case you live under a rock and do not know MckMama....

Get thee post haste to her blog and read this brutally honest, Biblically-inspired post about marriage. Cuz, um, it could have been written by me, about us.

I while I agree that, perhaps, the central truth in her post is about 'forgiveness', the neon sign for me is TRANSPARENCY.

Women need more of it. We do one another no good, as friends, mentors, mothers and daughters, sisters and aunts, if we pretend, pretend, pretend we have it all together, have it all our way, have it all, at all.

What I *really* need is honest transparency, so I can relate to you and assign credibility to your words, experience and wisdom. Otherwise, what you know and say is brushed aside, because I feel you cannot possibly know what I am suffering, enduring, walking through.

So ladies, enough already, with the cover-ups and pretending!!

You know how freeing it is to remove the underwire bra, the patent pumps at the end of the day? Unburden your soul, one to another, by confessing your imperfections. You will never go back to pretending again.

I'll go first...I took this photo of myself, pre CollegeBoy football game, cuz those Cuddle Duds (designed for warmth) were seriously cracking me up. Why? Cuz what you see in the mirror there, is not the TOP of the Cuddle Duds tucked into my jeans, but the BOTTOMS which reached all the way up to my :ahem: upper undergarments. Plus, note the delightful double chin. No weight loss noted there. ha!

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