Saturday, October 24, 2009

For 8 hours the sun shone...and the Knights prevailed!

Brand new stadium, complete with skyboxes with tableclothed tables and flat screen TVs. Wo-ow.

The away jerseys are not as impressive...but College Boy is! ha

Nice scoreboard, complete with stats.

The supportive parents.

Helmet off...
Game is winding down...

I like the light in this one.

Love his turned up nose. :D

After three days of rain (or was it more?--all I know is I became crystal clear that I could NEVER live in Seattle--ugh) and two Knight football consecutive losses (first time since 1991 that has happened--double ugh), the sun made a glorious appearance and the Knights came to play (and <------*that* is the longest run-on sentence in history!). Final score was 41-14 and I was deliriously happy for several hours of autumn glory. :D

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