Sunday, September 20, 2009


I am so far behind on this poor, forsaken blog that I am not sure how to dig myself out from under the pile. We have had a wedding, the Baby has moved out to start college and apartment life, the Boy has started his junior year of college and football, husband and I took a tennis trip to OKC...oh my.

Most of the updating of our family life happens in real time on FaceBook, where I am a complete junkie. Middle-aged women gone bad. LOL

So, I am undecided about how to proceed. Should I try to catch up here on the blog, moving through the past events in chronological order? Should I scrap the blog and just update on FB? Should I just begin blogging again from where we find ourselves today, ignoring the life passages that have already occurred? Oh dear...

So many choices. Such a rapid pace of life.

Plus, I have just felt sort of dry with regard to blogging my thoughts and opinions. I need a jump start, fo sho, if I am to continue.

Sigh. Just try to imagine being inside my head...heh heh

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