Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Boss on a Monday Night in Iowa

Before there was a movie called "The Bucket List", there was a 40 year old woman who felt that life was getting away from her, that time was passing faster and faster and that it was time to get serious about living with no regrets. So, she made a list; a Life List of Things to Do. That woman was me (soooo obvious).

I revisited my list from time to time, but with two high school kids, there was not much time for crossing things off the list. I transferred the list from a handwritten journal, to my blog, to my FaceBook and just sort of kept it in all the back of my mind.

Until one week ago. One week ago, I received an email from a mom friend. She was feeling ill and felt that she would be unable to use her tickets to the Bruce Springsteen concert. I was stunned, but first of all, I told her I wanted to pray that *she* would become well enough to attend herself. She agreed to this, but was dubious.

Monday, mid afternoon, I received a text from this Momfriend, stating that she was at the hospital and that she still wanted me to have the tickets. I agreed and quickly needed to make some plans. Had to find someone to go with. Had to make a plan.

Found another Momfriend, Jean and off we went. We arrived with minutes to spare and then found our seats. Then we waited an hour. ::ahem: After that, the Boss came out and we were treated to 3 hours of nonstop Bruuuuuce. The man, who is on a recent cover of AARP (my daughter and hairstylist do not even know The Boss---how sad) moves like a 30 year old. Amazing.

I really, really wanted to hear "Born to Runnnnnn" (of course) and "Thunder Road" and if I heard those, the rest would be gravy. Wish granted. I was in heaven. Except for the huge round bruise I have on my upper, outter right thigh, from where I would ker-slam my leg, as I danced in the dark. Did I already used the word 'heaven'? hahahaha

Such a generous gift. Such an amazing night. I was blessed, indeed. Now, onto the next item on the "Life List of Things to Do". Oddly enough, it was to come less than one week later. :)

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