Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy 9 Years!!

9 years. We've known each other many years more, but that is the anniversary we celebrate this year.

We decided to have a look and stay at Iowa's newest state park and resort(?) at Lake Rathbun in very southern Iowa. Who would put a resort in southern Iowa? Hmmm...we were intrigued.

The drive was over 3 hours, but we have never shied away from a good day trip. Tunes and time. Love it.

Upon arriving, we were immediately impressed that this venue is still brand spanking new. Still in need of lots of landscaping. Still in the staff training process. ahem But the 'kids' running the place seemed nice and therefore, we have grace for these things. :~)

The lobby is beyond impressive, with its enormous fireplace, wood and tile work. The room was nice, oddly laid out and waaaay the heck more 'green' than we care to experience on a getaway.

No frig. Not able to adjust the thermostat (although, they give the customer the illusion they are in charge). The most shallow bathtub evah. Poor water pressure in the shower. Mini-lectures in the form of placards about saving laundry.

Puhleeeze. I am paying for comfort and ease here. I do not like 'green' being forced upon me, when I am on vacay---but, hey. That's just me.

We did enjoy a special dinner at the on-site Lakeshore Grille. Good food. Great waiter. Nice view, with a baaaarely visible glimpse of the lake. Yummy dessert.

We went for a walk around the property and snapped quite a few photos (included above). It was the only 30 minutes that the sun came out; we appreciated the beautiful sunset.

And then, the torrential rain began and continued alll night and into the next day. Lightening and Thunder--quite a show.

We had planned to hike and picnic and explore the lake all day, but in light of the inclimate weather, we opted to head to DSM to Jordan Creek Mall. Niiice.

One of the little-known secrets of a happy marriage? A man who truly likes shopping. heh heh So thankful for my man.

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