Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Fun

Let's go storm chasin', he said to me. And what could I do? It was, after all, Father's day. So we quickly loaded up the chase vehicle with water, purse cameras, crackberry, videocamera, Garmin and maps and off we went. It was raining hard.

We headed out of town, westward, right into the known path of the tornado warning. Yes, warning. There had been confirmed sightings of tornados in the neighboring county. We have done this before. Actually, we are kind of geeks that way. lol

Anyway. We were not even 10 miles outside of town when we saw it. ::GASP:: Could it be??? It was!! Squeeeeeal.

It was a real-deal, weather-spotter-chaser tank vehicle. With a turret and everything. (excited clapping) It had pulled over on the side of the road. So what could we do?

We pulled over and waited until it made its next move...and then, it did. Off it went west, toward the next exit, where it exited, turned around and headed east at an ::ahem:: high rate of speed.

The photos I had taken before were of poor quality, so I was telling the Mark to pull alongside to take some better photos of the vehicle. heh heh Niiiice.

After following the vehicle for about 25 or 30 miles, we realized (since we were listening to the radio), that it was likely headed quite a bit further south and therefore (by our calculations) we were probably not going to catch the next round of tornados. Plus, that thing was still traveling well beyond the speed limit and while we were willing to push the envelope for a bit, we were not willing to do so forever.

So, we turned back toward home and took pictures of all the interesting cloud pics we could find.

And even though we didn't see a tornado, we saw a really cool tornado chaser tank...and for weather geeks like us? That's a major trophy.


Jill said...

Wild adventure!!!
Looks like fun but I have to say...I would be the sissy tucked up back in my basement!!

Ohilda said...

That's crazy!! I love that about you. :)

I think if we saw that tank "thingy" here in Florida, we'd think it was a UDO - Unidentified Driveable Object.