Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Cinderella Story--in my own backyard

Here is an article from our local newspaper about an incredibly talented, incredibly sweet dance team member of our daughter's dance team.

When she made the team last year, she was just 13 years old, but she danced like a pro. No, really. She was immediately noted as having talent like no other. She was different, special, set apart.

Recently, Jaedon was offered a chance to attend the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. Not just for a summer intensive, which is what she auditioned for,
but to attend the school for the year. Only 60 dancers worldwide, were offered this opportunity and we could not be more thrilled!!

Only there is this pesky little problem of finances. Jaedon needs 40K to attend the school. Jaedon has a great single mom; there are three children in the family. The reality is, like that of many families, there isn't money for such a large ticket expenditure.

We are fund-raising; the bank has an account for donations, but surely there is a better way to raise this money for this very deserving girl?

Anyone know of something that might help?

PS Jaedon's toe shoes shirt (in the photo above) is a gift from my daughter to Jaedon. How sweet, huh?

Here a few of our own photos of our sweet Jaedon Macayla, Prima Ballerina.

Jaedon (front row in the yellow suit), reacts to being squirted, at a car wash fundraiser, last summer. My girl is in the back, in the metallic suit and sunglasses. haha

Jaedon, looking coltish and young, as she heads off the dance camp, last summer.

Jaedon, gettin' it, at State Competition, Pom routine.

Jaedon, being silly in New Orleans (in blue shirt, front row).

Jaedon and Allie, making fish faces in New Orleans. My senior-aged daughter, is mean mugging the kids. aahaha

Jaedon and Kate, waiting outside the SuperDome.

Beautiful Jaedon at our dance banquet.

Jaedon and Mark, posing for the camera at Lulu's graduation open house. Jaedon was a photographer for the event.

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Jill said...

What a sweet girl and what a WONDERFUL opportunity!