Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Darth Vader Policies

Chavez Tells Obama He Should Follow Venezuela’s Socialist Path

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By Daniel Cancel

March 6 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez comments on U.S. President Barack Obama and the state of the U.S. economy. He made the remarks today on Venezuelan state television. (BTW, it took me a looong time to find any mention of these remarks on the web. Our media is run more and more like those of a pre-Regan Russia--gah).

“It’s regrettable the crisis that the U.S. is living through. Millions of workers are being left in the street, thousands of companies are closing, in the U.S. there isn’t a single new infrastructure project. Go look for a highway there, the country has gone bust.”

“Now President Obama arrived with some announcements, hopefully, but the capitalist model and its perverse values have failed.”

“I recommend to Obama -- they’re criticizing him because they say he’s moving towards socialism -- come Obama, ally with us on the path to socialism, it’s the only road.”

“Imagine a socialist revolution in the U.S. Nothing is impossible.”

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Yeah. This goes right into the 'Just What We Need' category. Some crazyloon dangerous dictator dude inviting us to come over to the dark side, to drink the Koolaid of socialism, to declare capitalism and "its perverse values" a failure.

Come Obama, ally with us on the path to socialism, it’s the only road."

Are you KIDDING me!!!???

If you want a recent example of how the world watches what our President is doing and draws conclusions, this is it. That crazy loon dangerous dictator dude is assuming we are sympathetic to his country and its policies. (shrugs) Well, why wouldn't he assume that? Obama and Hugo looked pretty dang chummy last week, didn't they?

There also must be some serious celebrating in the streets of Cuba, since Obama and the Global Warming Tour's trend of complete acceptance of dictators, Saudi Kings and other of the world's badboys commenced several weeks ago.

Releasing our country's interrogation tactics. Releasing reports that place me, *ME*!!!; middle-aged, thick-waisted, bifocals-wearing, heartland-dwelling, empty-nest-fearing Mama, *ME*!!! on a watch list for possible terrorists. Bailouts. Corruption.

It all makes me crazy. I feel as though I go to bed at night, expecting, as I have for most of my 45+ years on this planet, that things will be relatively the same when I awaken the next morning. But, instead of finding a comforting Ground Hog's Day sort of repeat of the day before, each morning I find, to my dismay, a serious unraveling of the fabric of my country's fiber.

It's like the elected
public servants (criminals) in DC (yes, all of them) work overtime in the night to undo 200 or more years of Constitution-referencing, Republic-respecting business-as-usual politics, replacing them with lunacy. Absolute lunacy.

But really, who am I to say? Perhaps, *I* am the crazyloon.

I am, as you now know, on the 'watch list'.
(as my friend, Val says, "ptooey!!" on their watch list)

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