Friday, April 10, 2009

Prom is Coming! Prom is Coming!!

Well, here it is...almost prom time '09!

After telling me she had found the dress she wanted in a local bridal shop, dd and I went to look at it together. uh-oh. Upon arrival to the boutique, we discovered the dress was on 'hold' for another girl, at another school.

Believe it or not, formal wear dresses are so highly desired to be 'one of a kind' and unique, that most stores will not sell the same dress to two girls from the same high school---maybe in the same area. wowza
So, the perfect dress #1 (black lace over a nude sheath) was out.

As any good mom will do, I spent time searching the internet for another dress to replace to first. Black lace over nude, formal length. Black lace over nude, formal length. Black lace over nude, formal length. I looked and looked and looked.

Instead, it turns out the perfect dress is yellow, short and fru-fru-y! She picked it out, as I showed her the black lace over nude sheath contenders I has found. Who knew?
(insert chuckles here).

I am happy to report that the dress looks great on my Lulu. She may be removing the flower at the bust (overkill of frufru? idk).

I am also happy to report that dd's legs are not as long at the model in the photo are. Therefore, the dress is ummmm...of a more modest length on her lovely form (phew and insert additional nervous chuckles).


Donna said...

Oh my gosh! This dress is GORGEOUS! My prom dress wasn't even half as beautiful (probably because it had twice as much material!)


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Terynn said...

Thanks, Donna. I think it's pretty, too, although there's nothing to compare with an ElmoPirateFairy prom dress. (wink)