Friday, April 10, 2009're Amy. And God is that teen-age boy

(to watch the video, please scroll to the bottom of the page and turn off the music player).

Isn't this Dove Campaign ad so true? And touching. And it really made me cry.

Truth in the natural is often mirrored by Truth in the Spiritual.

It is such a tragedy that our society has trained our daughters to think of themselves, to define themselves, based upon a comparison to a photo-shopped, plastic surgery-enhanced, billboard-plastered, celebrity-Barbie image of beauty?

It is such a tragedy that what God has created as the crown of all creation---a woman!!! has become so twisted and distorted and perverted.

It makes me weep.

There is NOTHING more precious and beautiful than a tiny baby girl, toddler, preschooler, school-ager, tween, junior-higher, teen, high-school-er, young woman, Swan!

They are: Breathtaking. All of them.

Brown-eyed, blond-haired, curvy, curly, tan, pale, freckled, athletic, tall, short, glasses...all of them.
I can see it within them. Can't you?

And they all just want to be loved and accepted and prized and valued just exactly the way they are. It is their heart's cry.

The saddest things of all is when the One comes who can love them perfectly, who desires their company and love, because He created their every pore, follicle,
freckle and crease; these precious girls cannot stop thinking about the things that are wrong wth them; the things that they feel render them undeserving, less than perfect, unacceptable

Whether it is an issue of sin or character or perceived inadequacy...He weeps when we withdraw. It causes Him pain and sorrow.

But He is persistent, that One, your Prince. He will call your name repeatedly. He will wait by the fence, under your window, until He finally captures your attention. And your heart.

And will woo you, until you believe His promises. And until you give Him your whole heart.

Now, *that's* a Savior.

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Ohilda said...

WOWZA!!!! I don't know which made me cry more, the video or your words. I love your heart. You definitely inspire me to reach out to Him.

Thank you, my friend.

Hugs and I hope you're feeling better.

Your friendly hospital prisoner...