Friday, April 3, 2009

It Changed My (shallow) Life

1). The flat wallet--So streamlined. How organized am I? No more fumbling. I look and feel so much more organized. And when I switch purses (that's a whole 'nother post), all the vital documents move easily.
2). Vavoom root lifter by Matrix--Turns out that sometimes Suave ain't quiiiite good enough. Who knew? Not me, Cheap-oGirl!

3). Mucinex--(Walgreen's brand) Working with infants, toddlers and preschoolers mean I get sick alot. This stuff really works (if the Airborne and Zicam fail). :~)

4). The Maurices cami(s)--First recommended by my workfriend, it initally took me one whole week to actually purchase one of these, since they cost $20.00!! That's more than GoodwillGirl usually pays for anything. But soooo worth it. Lacy and nice; they come up high and go down lowww--In crinkle and not!

5). Ped Egg--already referenced in this post
and in Ohilda's now famous post.

6). Flexitol--Always the follow up to the Ped Egg treatment. Better than axel grease. lol

7). New nap blanket---ahhhhh. luxury
8). Butterfinger hot cocoa mix---why didn't someone think of this before?? A necessary treat for the rough Monday morning commute.

9). Victoria's Secret Body sprays (smell
like FOOD) 2 current faves: Body Rave (yellow smells like angel food cake) and My Desire Secret Garden (smells like grapefruit).

10. Jergens Natural Glow Express---The only way to tan, in my book (cuz I just can't tan). Quick, but not fake. Moisturizing, too!

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