Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Photos--ever had any of those rated PG-13/R??

Here's how it went down. Family dinner at Easter. Going to the Japanese place, vs. making a big dinner.

We all have our own bathrooms for getting ready (Husband, me and daughter). CollegeBoy was coming to the house. I exit my bedroom/bathroom and note that husband has a similar color scheme going on. Oh well. Doorbell rings. CollegeBoy is also wearing burgandy. Huh. Weird. He is not amused and begins fretting about being in public looking all matchy-matchy. Out busts dd from her room, where she immediately notices the absolute weirdness of all of us wearing the same randomly colored clothing. She is not amused, either.

By now, Husband and I are hooting and I am announcing that candid family photos are taking place on the couch, after Easter (Japanese) dinner. Howls of protests from those under age 21. hahahha Protestations regarding "going out dressed like this". More laughter form Mark and I.

Here are the candid couch photos, in all there collegeboy prank/momfuming glory. Guess he thinks he won. ugh

May he have a boy just like this of his very own someday. ha

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Ohilda said...

Too funny!! Your daughter and son remind me of Amanda and Adam. You guys are great together!