Sunday, March 22, 2009


Things I Forgot

a belt (bought one at the Destin Goodwill)
pj's (bought one some at the Destin Target)
lotion (sheesh, have I never packed before?)
the fact that the sand squeaks sometimes when you walk--sounds like cheese curds
that my husband is a blast!!
how awesome Krispy Kreme donuts are--heavenly and sinful, all at once

Things I Experienced

one GREAT meal a day and snacks galore--not a sustainable, long term diet, btw
a mudslide drink----eeeyew! poured the whole jug down the drain
jet skiing---never again
sleeping with the bedroom's balcony door open--waves, salt air, cool breeze

Things I Learned

Whataburger is not my friend
Vannoys Tire Service rocks for the second year in a row!!
I trust my husband with my life (related to the jet ski. If that sounds dramatic, so be it--hahaha)
I missed my kids more than they missed me
I missed my dog; not sure how she feels about me
Changes in Latitude really do result in Changes in Attitude
I do not like alcohol very much, unless it tastes remarkably not like alcohol
Steinmart is too expensive for a penny pincher like me

Trip Highlights

no daily agenda
car time---tunes, talking and Mark Levin
sunsets as an 'event'
our DIY couples photos--such fun
looking at affordable and POSH RV's---dozens of them. It is nice to dream... adults only vacation. It had been awhile. And the memories from this one will make me smile for a long time.


Ohilda said...

Sounds like your vacation was wonderful. You so deserve it. And thank you again for praying for my sweet little man while on vacation. God doesn't take time off, and I guess neither did you!

Love you!

Val said...

You make me smile. :D And laugh out loud. So glad you had a great time.

(yes, I'm catching up from being away from my fave blog haunts...)