Sunday, March 8, 2009

How My Brain Works

I have been taking this product for about three weeks now. I do think it is helping with the symptoms of menopause (chemically induced). Yay for that.

However, each time I pop a pill
in my mouth (even though there are several pills being washed down my gullet simultaneously), I can taste the new supplement. It has a very unpleasant taste that I could not quite identify until yesterday.

But yesterday, when I yet again tossed the pill combo into my mouth, it hit me. These pills taste like...ok, this is gross now...

I don't even know if this thing still exists, but once upon a time, when I was a young mom, there was such a thing as blanket sleeper, which were footed, one piece zip up the front numbers, designed to keep your baby warm, when they inevitably kicked off their covers in the night.

The feet were made of a white plastic-y substance. Surely, they do not make these any more. Surely, they have improved children's sleepwear technology to include a friendlier footy substance??

Because that, my friends, is the taste/smell.

Small toddler feet that have sweated and baked in plastic all night long.

I know, right? (shudders)

(my lulu, who hated blanket sleepers and would doff them as soon after I had zipped her in, as possible. thus, the deer in the headlights look---busted!)


Ohilda said...

No idea why you "tasted" your feet or the plasticky thingy, but I just had to tell you that they DO indeed still make those. I love them and so do the kiddos here, plasticky thing and all. The plastic has a sort of track on the bottom to prevent skidding...heh!

I don't worry about them kicking off covers and for the most part, albeit AJ has attempted it, they keep them on.



PS Gonna have to look into your new pills. I'm not quite there yet, but I have a feeling I'm not to far away.

Holly said...

I found you from Ohilda's blog and just wanted to say that I am a 34 yr. old on Lupron...haven't hit the one week mark yet since injection, so no side effects yet, praise God! I am also taking estrogen on the side...but wanted to thank you for the warning...I will avoid the blanket sleeper feet pills!

Val said...

You are so funny. :D :D