Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sat. Morning 2:38 AM

Randomly remembering this awesome song by Charlie Peacock. (if you wish to listen to the song, please scroll to the bottom of the page and turn of the music player).

I really, really love his voice and his lyrics are brilliant. The video above is not really a video; rather, it is a still photo of the cassette jacket (yes, yes; what's your point?), while the song plays. This is a version of the song that I had never heard.

We have this song on VHS (yes, yes, what's your point?). It is from a series of acoustical concerts by Christian artists. This version of the song is much better, but the hot 90's fashion is the same either place.

Here are the lyrics:

Dear friend, there's a story goin' round
says you're gonna be married soon
But you've been sayin' that for years,
and there can be no wedding without a groom
You said he's gone away to make a place for you and Him
Oh you know He's gonna come back,
but you just don't know when

Dear friends He is not slow in keeping His promises
As some understand slowness to be
Keep a watch out, don't lose faith, He said He would come for you
He's gonna come for you, you wait and see

Dear friend, people joke, they laugh and they make fun
When you tell 'em all about the groom who's gonna come
He's been gone a long long time, are there any doubts to confess
Do you wonder if you're ever gonna wear that wedding dress

I remember where I was and what I was doing when I first heard this song. I had been a Christian for about 6 months or so. Someone played this song for me and dreamily asked what I thought of it.

I had no earthly idea what she meant. Hellllooo? New Christian here. ::waves:: I thought the reality of Jesus was swell, holy, nothing better. But the Christian lingo? Holy gabolies! Whatev.

"Washed in the blood?"--are you kidding me? eyes wide, "God put it *on* my heart?"--don't you mean 'in' my heart?, "I fell in love with Jesus"?--eeeyew! isn't that profane, "I had a burden for..."--is that like gas?

And I had never, ever, ever heard anything connected with Christ, connected with well, ummmm...marriage. and weddings. and well...then...honeymoons. Bride? Groom? Waiting? Spotless. Without blemish or wrinkle. How confusing and again, isn't that all rather profane?

Ahhh...the mind of the new believer. As foreign as it all was, I knew it to be truth. I inhaled and gobbled and stuffed and gorged myself at the table of the Lord. I was hungry. I was ravenous. I read and studied and questioned and worshiped and did it all again the next day.

And over time, the song about the Bride and her Groom didn't sound strange anymore. It certianly was no longer profane. I understood the longing of waiting on my Groom.

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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