Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not sure what the problem is here (heavy sarcasm and heavy heart)

(to read the full CNN article, click on this link)

It's called the "Live Birth Abortion Case".

The 'story highlights' sidebar lists this gem:
  • Story Highlights
  • Teen says she sought abortion, but gave birth and baby was killed
Story synopsis: Mom enters clinic. Mom does not want the baby she is carrying. Mom delivers baby (product of conception, mass of cells--whatever). Mom leaves clinic sans baby, which, may I remind the dear, gentle-reader, was the goal.

Now, I ask you, from a 'pro-choice' point of view, what is all the hoopla about?

The process of an abortion is always "gave birth and baby was killed".

Maybe this story will shine a very bright spotlight on that fact. The baby is always killed. And yes, isn't that shocking and newsworthy and outrageous?

And so?

What are we gonna do about it?

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The Greens said...

Oh Teri-- I was thinking the exact same thing! I cannot see the difference between killing a baby that's inside a belly and killing one that's just come out. It's so crazy that there is such an uproar over this when so many babies are killed every day by abortion.

I am against any kind of abortion, but every time I hear of late term abortion, I think of my little Emmy and Jacob-- so perfect and complete and precious and cannot imagine that it is legal and accepted to kill these children!! My heart is heavy-- why can't the world see that there is no difference between a baby being inside or outside of a womb?