Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Awesome Valentine (my husband and our day)

We had a really great Valentine's Day. Really. It just sort of came together, nothing planned, just sweet and more sweet. awwww...

Day started with our poor, long-suffering daughter having to go into work early. She was scheduled to go in at noon, but a frantic call at 9 AM changed her plans. You see, dd works at a nationally known florist shop and well, after working 5 of the previous 6 days, the real-deal, full-blown, male-affected Valentine's Day panic had set in. Today, was the day, for millions of men worldwide. Danger and doom. Gotta get it right or they're in the doghouse. lol

So, I presented dd with her little Valentine goody bag...fruit rollups (she loves 'em), a pretty card, a gourmet chocolate bar with hazelnuts, a pewter angel that says, "Live your dreams" on it and one stamped envelope, with a check inside, addressed to....wait.....wait for it....the CF Police Dept. I paid a recent parking fine she had incurred. lol

We exchanged Valentine's cards ourselves and gifts, too. I got chocloate truffles---thanks, honey! and a really cool digital photo frame. Big score! I gave husband his gift. I had made a photo collage with some of our favorite photos and ephemera (what an *awesome* word) of our memories together. My poor husband...I think I might need to 'step it up a bit, huh? ::ahem::

epresented in the collage are our wedding day, our actual engagement moment on top of a mountain, beside a lake in RMNP; our engagement portrait, our honeymoon to Estes Park, our honeymoon Greek Island cruise, a trip to Portland, our recent trip to New Orleans and our trip to Viet Nam. I also incuded some greeting cards, business card from our favorite restaurants in VN and the title of the collage is 'our' song, Making Memories of Us, by Keith Urban.

That left husband and I with an empty house and a sunny, but cold day to fill however we chose. Hmmm...we thought about going to DSM (PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory, shopping, road trip), but they had had a snowstorm the day before. Nah.

We thought about Galena, a favorite day trip destination. Quirky shops, great resturants, the whole city on the National Register---nah, getting late--too far. Instead, we decided to 'stay local' and visit a part of our twin city that we rarely visit.

We drove the 20 minutes required and parked (yay us! usually hard to find a spot) and started walking in and out of shops: ironworks shop, baby shop, art store, decorating stores, bridal store--allmost, anyway; choclate store, wine shop, the ktichen store. Such fun for me and believe it or not, my husband enjoys this, too.

Then, it was time for lunch. After finding some spots not open (how could you not open for lunch on Valentine's Day?), we landed at the sushi bar and deli, called SoHo. Had a great lunch--food was awesome and lots of conversation. How divine.
How nice to have no schedule; no place to be, nothing to do.

After luch, we left the quaint part of town and headed to the Farm and Fleet, which I do not mind, either. Aren't we a lovely pair? haha

Here are the photo highlights from the day! Happy Valentine's Day to my best friend and mighty fine husband!! I love you more every day.

excellent, original card art :~)


sushi and specialty lemonade

asparagus tempura

tiramisu---again with the yummmmmm

the collage I made for Mark

digital photo frame

a screen shot

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