Saturday, February 7, 2009

Movie Review--Gran Torino

Gran Torino.

mmm. mmm. mmmm. Where do I begin?

I am a come-lately Clint Eastwood fan. I have not watched a single one of his cowboy flicks. Ditto that for his "Dirty Harry" films. Hey, I know lots of people love, love, love those movies, but not me. Don't care about that type of movie. Too much testosterone, thankyouverymuch.

But, as Clint has aged, he seems to have mellowed. And his movies have not only the tried and true testosterone blasts, but he has added some gray matter, as well, with interesting-enough plot twists and turns. I really liked "In the Line of Fire", "Absolute Power" and "Blood Work". So, I have embraced the elder Eastwood and his new brand of movies.

(side note: I have not seen "Million Dollar Baby" which I really want to see, but someone with whom I share the remote/sofa/bed, got the idea that it's a movie about, oh who knows, but some thing he is not interested in, so try as I might to sneak it in, it's a no go so far. If you have a compelling argument for me, share it. If I'm not missing anything, let me know that, too).

I digress *ROYALLY*.

Gran Torino looked good to me when I saw the trailers at the theater. Mark agreed. So I knew we'd go when it was released. And tonight was the night. We went to the late show, me in my comfy casual
(you should see the shameful, homeless looking outfit I wear on a date with my husband) and well, he in the same.

Watched the trailers (ho hum); movie started. Story ramped on quickly and did not drag for even one minute. Nice editing. Not one wasted scene. Tidy.

I have nothing to say but, "Well done, Mr. Eastwood". A+ Two thumbs up. This movie was excellent for all the right reasons.

A hero.


And Vietnamese characters, played by Vietnamese actors, with a Vietnamese story line. I love Viet Nam (as you may well know).

And, in his later years, Mr. Eastwood has added something to his movies, that I never would have thought possible for him to add. Something risky. Something that streeeetches the viewer.

He added....wait for it.....

Estrogen. Yes, estrogen.

My hunky husband and I both sat,
speechless, as the movie ended, until the last credit rolled, long past when all the other patrons had left the theater, with tears rolling down our cheeks.

A hero.


Great movie.

You might say it, "Made my day". (smile)

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