Friday, February 6, 2009

If I Hadn't Heard It Myself, I Wouldn't Believe It Was True

I saw this on Val's blog and felt it made such a black and white, 'line drawn in the sand' illustration, I am borrowing it.

You see, to me a baby is NOT a punishment.

Not. a. punishment.

An outcome? OK.

A consequence? Alright.

But always planned. Maybe not by us, but by God Himself.

And because of that fact, *every* baby represents promise and hope and possibility and the belief that, even if the pregnancy was unplanned or unexpected or undesired, *every* baby is the answer to someone's hopes and dreams.

An infertile couple's long-awaited dream come true.

Society's next great thinker.

A future nurse, full of skill and compassion.

A brilliant scientist, who develops a cure for cancer.

The warmest kindergarten teacher of all time, for which parents are ever-grateful.

The first African American President of the United States.


You get my drift.

A Baby maybe become many things, but it is never a punishment.

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