Sunday, February 1, 2009

From my Face Book page

25 Random Things About Me

1). I am totally addicted to my laptop. I spend hours blogging, reading blogs, Facebooking, reading the news, emailing, playing with photos, making slideshows and avoiding many things. It's embarrassing, but true.

2). I am a Southern girl by birth and even though I lived there only til age 7, it is still a big part of who I am. Love the beach, love the food, love the ma'am and sir to elders, love the azaleas.

3). I met Jesus when I was 30, all by myself, sitting on my couch. Gave Him my heart. Never looked back.

4). I have not regularly attended church for almost one year. Not sure what that's all about. Not sure what's next.

5). I am struggling with my youngest child leaving for college. I always wanted more children. Don't feel 'done' being a mom to little ones. Hmmmm...

6). I had hoped hoped hoped to adopt children from Viet Nam. I love the country and the people. Thought it was gonna happen, but it's not. I am sad about this. More sad than I can process.

7). I don't know what is next for my life. I entertain many ideas, but I have no clear direction. This is unnerving for me.

8). I dislike cooking and cleaning and painting pottery and sewing and Tupperware/Tastefully Simple/Mary Kay, etc. parties. I am not so much of a girlie girl in those ways. I do like shoes and purses and girlfriends. :~)

9). I have a children's book series I want to publish, but no motivation to make it happen. First book is written. This is not like me. But, it is what it is for now.

10). I am working full time for the first time since Jared was born over 20 years ago. Gotta pay tuition for 2 kids!

11). I enjoy being my children's cheerleaders. Watching them grow up has been the most fascinating, entertaining and rewarding thing I have ever done; just like I knew it would be. It's like constantly opening a surprise gift.

12). I would like to try living in the country. I will have 2 goats; one pygmy and one fainting. Cute and fun.

13). Someday, I would like to own an RV, so we can travel all over, visiting our kids and seeing new parts of the country.

14). We would like to work at Disney World. Putting children on the Dumbo ride all day? Magic.

15). I would like to live 6 months in Pensacola and 6 months in Estes Park. Beaches in the winter and Mountains in the summer. Heaven.

16). My brother is my only sibling. He is one of my truest and best friends. He lives far away. I miss him, so I try not to think about it too much.

17). We adopted out dog, Scout, from the Humane Society. They told us she was a male. She is not. This is one of the happiest things we have ever done. We love that dog.

18). I had a Life List of Things to Do, before the "Bucket List" became a movie. There are approximately 40-50 items on the list. I am making sloooow progress.

19). One thing I HATE is when movies portray children as evil. Pisses me off big time.

20). My husband is an amazing man. He is a great dad, step-dad and grandpa. He is a great husband. I am thankful for his love every day.

21). I really cannot state strongly enough how much I dislike almost every rap song I have ever heard. I only need to hear three notes and I am DONE.

22). I am very concerned about our nation and its leadership. The issues we face and those we ignore are very troubling to me. God is truly our only hope.

23). I love Victorian houses and log cabins. Maybe I will live in one someday.

24). I take more types of medication than I'd really like to. I wish I was more motivated to begin living a healthy lifestyle.

25). I bought Mama Mia for myself for Christmas, but haven't watched it yet.


Mom To Six said...

Oooh, I loved these and learning more about you!

Christi and Abbey said...

got tears in my eyes reading about you asking Jesus into your heart.
You mentioned log cabins...have you read this blog
Amazing family