Saturday, February 21, 2009

Everytime I hear the word, I think of Chandler on "Friends"

I have fibromyalgia (amongst other ailments).

It was diagnosed almost 16 years ago. I have tried many therapies and medications and treatments to cope with the burning pain in my muscles.

Over the years, I finally have come up with the best protocol of medicine, treatment and therapy to make me feel the best I can. I am pretty comfy with where I am at right now. And by the way, my Tempurpdic mattress and pillow changed my life. End of commercial. :~)

Massage therapy has been one of the best additions to my regimen. After deciding that my physical therapist husband makes a much better husband than personal massage therapist, he suggested that massage become a monthly part of my life (*bless* that dear man!).

I have the best massage therapist in the world. And I know this because I have had massages in several states and even in other countries. She and I are friends, as well as client and therapist. And she can make my body release trigger points like no-one else. It hurts fabulously good.

But yesterday, oh yesterday. Without warning and without permission, my massage therapist friend, whom I have known and trusted literally for more than 10 years, tried a new technique on my body.

Since pain is a regular part of my life and I love, love, love to have those dang trigger points dug out!!, I was surprised how much this technique made me want to scuh-reeeam. Heck, I was surprised that she pulled this one me at all. lol

What was the painful procedure that was practiced upon my neck, shoulders and back? Cupping. Chinese cupping. Ever heard of it? I had, because I had seen hmmmm....Anthony Bourdain? Michael Zimmern (is that his name?); one of those traveling food and culture TV stars, submit to this procedure.

I had some sort of twist on the traditional station
ary cupping, with the cups being moved around on my back.neck.shoulders. Painful? Ummmm, yes. Rather verymuch. Was I happy? I don't think so. Did it help? Could I tell a difference in my symptoms? I don't think so. Does my back look horrid? Why, yes it does.

It looks something like this (I have 6 round bruise-y looking marks)
. They are not painful, but they are horrible looking! My massage therapist mentioned Angela Jolie, when she told me what my back was going to look like. Not impressed. She mentioned hickeys. *Definitely* not impressed!

Interesting. Live and learn and all that. But let's not do that again, OK? :~)


Ohilda said...

OMG! Ok...I'm trying really hard not to laugh. I know. Not funny. But that picture cracked me up! By the way it's Andrew Zimmern, and I saw the episode. Made me wanna try it. Until I saw your pics, that is. :)

Hugs. Hope you're feeling better.

Val said...

Ay Yi Yi Yi Yi.

That is all.